Smart Parts Vibe

by Brendan

I got thisSmart Parts gun for Christmas and it is awesome. It has a nice light trigger pull and can operate on Co2 or N2. It is electro-pneumatic and has a max-flo R regulator.

One of the downsides is it only comes with a 9 inch barrel and it only has semi-auto but that is okay. This is a gun for the begining and intermediate player and with the right upgrades semi-pros. It can also be a sweet back up gun.

Smart Parts Vibe Review (2) - Anonymous Paintballer:

I got my Smart Parts Vibe only a month or two ago. With a case of paint through it, I really like this marker. It's light, accurate, quiet, and fast.

The trigger can be adjusted two ways, and is very sensitive when it comes. The barrel seems short, but is accurate and quiet. Even though the max BPS is only 11, that is fine for beginners (like myself).

The trigger is really nice, even though it goes way farther back then the shot, but that can be adjusted as well. The bolt-out-the-back technology is really nice and makes it super easy to clean. The regulator is fine.

All in All, I give this gun a 8/10

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