Snake buddy system

by Caveguy

The snake usually consists of three or four bunkers lined up on the RIGHT SIDE of the field. The snake can be one of the biggest influences on the game. Me and a couple of friends came up with a way to crawl through the whole snake while not getting hit. (We went 7 games without getting hit, out of 9, but it was also thanks to our team for covering the left side) Depending on how big the team is try to get 1/4 of the team to run snake with you (8 v 8= 3 ppl on snake or 6 v 6= 2 ppl on snake).

(6 v 6 game) Usually when it's a 6 vs 6 game everyone divides evenly; 2 left 1 center 2 right. Usually the right side runs snake so, on the brake u can either go straight for the snake bunker or go for right corner bunker. The key to the buddy system is to cover each other while u haul ass to the next bunker. Once you've safely made it, wait 5 seconds and tell your partner that on 3 you'll cover him (shoot even if you don't see anyone so that they'll stay down) while he runs to your bunker or the one in front of you. Once he's made it tell him to cover you while you move on to the next one. The more ppl you have, the easier it is and the lower the chance of anyone getting hit because everyone can cover a different angle. If your partner is having a shoot out with someone to close to him, he can keep him down while you advance and shoot him from the side. Like this you and your partners can clear the field so the rest of the team can advance.

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