Snap Shooting Guide!

Snap Shooting by Shawn (CO):

A snap shot is basically the ability for someone to pop out from behind cover, get a quick shot or 2 off, and get back behind cover before you even realized they shot at you.

In order to execute a snapshot, get behind some cover semi close-close to an opponent. Know where your enemy is! Pop out so that your gun-left OR right eye is looking at the enemy, and your barrel is pointed at them. Pull the trigger 1-3 times as quickly as possible then get behind cover as fast as possible.

This should take no longer than 1-2 seconds tops.

Don’t stay looking to see if you hit your opponent. This makes you have a great chance of tagging your opponent without getting tagged yourself.

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Snap Shooting Tips by Marshall (Mission, B.C. , Canada)

Snap shooting is when your position behind a bunker and you quickly pop your gun and your head out to shoot.

When doing this ALWAYS tuck your elbow in and use only one eye to peek around the corner. That way your WAY less exposed. In turn, you are not dead meat. Also, snug the side of your marker as close to the side of the bunker as you can, this is imperative!

Practice this in your backyard, in the forest, or anywhere you can to get the chance to become a better snap shooter!

Snap shooting, angles, and movement:

So I was running up to the snake and a line of paintball was coming at me. I dive into snake, but when I was walking the field I didn't notice the angles the other team had on me.

So snap shooting really came in handy when they were firing at me. I put so much paintball on the guys bunker it mad him duck for 5 seconds. That gave me time to move to the other end of the snake.

Unfortunately I miss, but he had no idea where I was. I put another stream of paint down at him. Again he duck but only for 4 seconds. Finally I run and bunker the shit out of the guy. That’s why Snap Shooting, Angles, Walking the Field and Movement and teamwork is what WINS PAINTBALL GAMES! snap shooter scenario paintball

Shooting slowly on bunker, by: Andrew Klaassen

My story is I was at Tonitown, Arkansas one of the worst places I have ever been, but any way it was this place where it was a town and i was in a building hiding and this dude came in the door on the side of me and fired about 20 pbs and ran back through cover.

He didn't hit me, so I started shooting through the door about 1 pbs and went around the building and once I stopped shooting he fired all he could but I wasn't there and I got right behind him silent and shot him.

The game was over. I was so happy and the dude didn't know what hit him.So over all use slow shooting at a bunker and sneak up on them and shoot them.

Snapshooting Avice, by Nick (Seattle, WA):

I’d have to say that the more controlled your snapshots r the more they will help you.

For me at least, I never shoot more than a shot every snap. The more you shoot on a snap the more exposed you leave yourself for an opponent to shoot you.

For beginners it helps to go into a room with a mirror & practice your snapshots & lining your barrel up with yourself in the mirror so you can get a feel as to how you should b aiming in real time play.

Remember to never blindfire.

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Two follow up responses to 'Shooting slowly on bunker' article by Andrew (above)

Snapping, by: Luke

Overall, it was a good article, but I personaly shoot 2-3 shots per snap. This is because the more paint you throw at the enemy the more likely they are to get hit. Never how ever shoot more that 3 shots per snap. that leaves you out in the open way too long. but you should, even with rentals, be able to shoot 2-3 shots quickly and snap back into cover pretty fast.

Follow up to 'Snapping': Don't Underestimate Rentals and Newbies.

My friend and I were at our local recreational paintball field. We split up, because we both have good custom guns and almost every one else had lousy rentals.

At the end of the game I saw my friend and asked him how he got out. He said he was eliminated by a rental while he was staying behind cover, moving slowly, doing all that stuff, but still got out.

How? He shot "warning shots" was found, and eliminated with 1 shot while reloading after his "warnings". DO NOT WASTE PAINT!!!

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