Special Operations - Recon reports and assassinations

by Master Sargent Nate Reed
(Kenton, Ohio, USA)

Paintball Terrain

Paintball Terrain

Special Operations - operating behind enemy lines...

The picture above shows the sort of terrain we train in. Less than ideal for sneaking around.

My squad is a specially trained squad which specializes in moving behind enemy lines. Our team, Tactical name Broadsword, is primarily used in scenario for recon reports and assassinations of key players. As you can imagine, sneaking through the frontlines is easier said than done. That is why Broadsword is only a squad and not a full size team like many. We move in silence and stealth. We've even been considered a class of sniper by some commanders, though I don't consider myself a sniper since I carry a fully automatic weapon. Though my marker is fully auto, it is modified to be extra consistent, even at long range, that way I can take out the key targets from a safer distance, drop down using my camouflage to keep me hidden until security quiets down, then drop out to a safer position. Our team meets 3 times a weak for what we call blank exercises. We use no paint for this training so we have to call out a shot we'd obviously get. The only way to do that without arguing is to get dangerously close without them seeing us. It is difficult and risky. But broadsword's huge amount of training makes us much more deadly than any group of walk on players. We're a living testimony to practice makes nearly perfect. For more information about broadsword training, tactics, or to invite us to join your team in a scenario game, just leave a comment.

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