Speed Is The Key.

At one point during my time paintballing, I hooked up with some guys and we went to a outdoor field run like speedball. All the quick-paced intensity with the fun of being outdoors with more space and more fields.

One of these fields is shaped like an "L" but with equal lengths. We were playing CTF with one flag posted in the middle. One the first round my team and I decided to take it slow eliminate the other team and win that way. Well, i hate to say it but got smoked, completely eliminated and it was a shot at our pride. The next round i decided to take another approach:
Instead of taking it slow, i decided to use on of the few advantages i have on the field: Years of athleticism. I ran the 50 yard distance to the flag before they were half way, dove on the flag, and got the hell out of dodge before a shot was fired. We won in 24 seconds.
All this to say, if what your doing' just ain't working' try spicing up your game plan with speed.

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Mar 20, 2008
Speed is essential
by: Pain4Glory

You certainly can't underestimate the value of speed in paintball.

In fact, I have this one nightmare where I'm playing against a team of leprechauns that not only are impossible to shoot because they are fast, but impossible to see because they are short.

I'll tell ya, Its win-win for the fast tiny-tims out there...

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