7 Speedball Tactics and Tips


Here are seven speedball tactics and tips that will help you win more often:

In a game like speedball, where time is everything, strategic decisions need to be made quick. Since the game is played in a smaller area, and in 15-20 minute increments, players need to think fast. Here are some tips and tricks that apply to speedball.

Speedball Tactics: Keep Moving! -
Players should constantly be moving from bunker to bunker, without letting the opposing team see. Using crouching techniques to do so will limit the opposing teams view of your moving. Also, have teammates cover each other during the movements. Moving often creates a hide and seek sort of effect. They may think you are in one bunker, but they did not see you move to the other. Moving often and quickly can trick opponents, leaving you the chance to move closer to the flag, and sending them on a wild goose chase.

Speedball Tactics: Communication Crucial -
Communication is important in every aspect of life, perhaps more so in speedball! In speedball things happen much faster than in classic paintball. Communication is necessary among your teammates. If you are guarding someone, let him or her know. If you are eliminated, let your teammates know. Or, if you know of an opposing player that has been eliminated, communicate that to your teammates as well. For example, if someone on the other team was eliminated and you are unaware of it, you may not advance on the field. If the teammate who ousted him told you, you would have known it was safe to pass him. If you are guarding someone and become eliminated, let the person under your guard know so they know they are on their own.

Speedball Tactics: Bunker Often -
Bunkers are there to be used. Take advantage of them. In a fast-paced game as speedball, being out in the open too long can result in elimination. Stay in bunkers as much as you can, and find that you will stay in the game longer.

Speedball Tactics: Watch Tunnel Vision -
Tunnel vision is something that should be avoided in any type of paintball game. In speedball, the playing field is already smaller. Don't make it even smaller by only focusing on a portion of it.

Speedball Tips: Snap Shoot -
Shoot your opponents in a snap. Since you will be bunkering often, the best way to shoot would be to quickly come out of a bunker, shoot, and return to the bunker. This allows you to make a good, quick shot, while returning to a protected area.

Speedball Tip: Finding Flank -
Just like you watch your own flank to make sure it is covered, watch your opponents for opportunity. If you are able to work your way into an opening in the flank of opposing players, perhaps you just may be able to eliminate a few.

Speedball Tactics: Practice -
What more can we say? Practice makes perfect. Play often as you can using these tips and find you game getting better. In addition, challenge teams better than you to a game. This will help your own game grow, as well as perhaps teach some new skills.

Speedball is a quick game and fun to play. Using these speedball tips and tricks will help you hone your skills and allow you to be a successful player.

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