A Macro View Of Speedball Paintball

Here is a basic overview of paintball speedball (see speed ball tactics below

for intermediate/advanced tips).

Beginning paintball players enjoy moderately paced games in a denser playing field, such as a forest. Once skills are honed and comfort with the game is achieved, players may want to try their hands at speed ball. The game is faster, and perhaps more challenging. And, whenever speed is involved in something, perhaps more adrenaline is too!

Speedball is a variation of classic paintball, and as the name implies, is faster. The game play is timed, usually about 15-20 minutes. This means, there is non-stop action for players. The game is also played out on a smaller playing field, usually 150-feet-by-300-feet, as opposed to a large wooded area. This makes the game more challenging since there are fewer places to take cover. However, to give each team equal bunkers, each side of the field usually mirrors the other. This prevents on team from having an advantage over the other. Players move often, as time is limited, which adds to the fast-paced theme.

There are actually several versions of speedball paintball, the most common being Center Flag. In this game, there is only one flag that is placed in the center of the field. The object of the game is to make it to the center and capture the flag, and then make it to the opponent's starting position. The game is over once that is achieved, or when all of one team is eliminated- or when time is up. If neither of the latter is achieved when time runs out, the winner can be determined by a draw, or by using scoring set forth by the sports professional organization, NPPL. Since speed ball is a quick game, several games can be played throughout the day. Players who were eliminated early in one game will have the chance to use new strategy in the next game.

A variation of speed ball is called Black Jack. Just as in the classic card game, 21 is the magic number. Each player only gets 21 balls, making shooting strategy tougher. Each ball is worth so much more in a game like this, as shots cannot afford to be wasted in this version. This is a fun spin on speedball, making the game just that much more challenging. Another version of speedball, referred to as Hyperball, uses plastic sewer pipes rather than bunkers. This adds a different element of bunkering techniques. Other than the variation to shelters, the game is played the same. One more variation is Airball, where inflatable bunkers are used.

You'll find speed ball paintball to be really exciting and addicting.

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