Spyder Electra Review

by Kolson

Spyder Electra 2009

Spyder Electra 2009

Picture: Spyder Electra with eye. Old hopper and stock barrel.

I'm just starting back up with paintball so I bought a new spyder electra my friend recommended... the only problem I have with the gun is the stock barrel sucks and I hate the clamping feedneck.... I have a V35 Broad in case. You can shoot 25bps on semi, 13 bps on psp, and 12 bps on ramp melinum. It weighs 3.4 pounds and the stock barrel is 12 in. I bought an 18 in cyclone barrel for it and now I love it. Great gun. Outperforms the Tippman 98 custom I had last year. By far.

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