Spyder Imagine

by xxxHUNTER
(San Antonio, TX)

I have a Spyder Imagine with E-trigger. Mods: anti-chop bolt, light-weight striker, grip covers, J&J ceramic barrel and that's about it. The gun is 4 years old and has been used at least 30 times. It always works well, rarely do I break balls and it has never run out of battery power while playing. The only downside of the e-trigger system is that you have to either charge it in the cigarette lighter plug in the car or bring along a new 9 volt battery. The gun is better than most that I've seen and played against, but I don't play speedball or professionally either. My only quarrel with it is that it is not that accurate. I guess that is a problem that most markers face. I still like the gun, it was pretty advanced for its time and still does the trick. If you buy a Spyder don't go too cheap I have seen them fall apart in my brother's hands (cheap factory bolts). I'm going to upgrade to a better gun as soon as I find one that blows away this Spyder. Until then, watch behind you...

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