Spyder MR1 (and MR1 Military package)

by Swampfox
(Livonia, MI, USA!)

spyder mr1

spyder mr1

This is the whole kit and everything that comes in it. For more, just google image search "Spyder MR1"

The MR1 is one of the best paintball guns available to the non-professional player. it come standard with a double-fingered trigger, offset feed neck, and rails for scope mounting. it is also one of the few paintball guns that comes with a stock which is both lightweight and comfortable. One other important thing is that it is very accurate and comes standard with a 12in barrel. However, it is very upgradeable, accepting any Spyder barrel, including the 16in aerotwist rifled barrel, and also it is upgradable to an e-trigger too.

If you get the military package for $149.99, you get the gun in two-tone black and olive drab, VL 200 round loader, Spyder 12oz CO2 tank, Spyder V-type anti-fog goggles, and a 45 degree elbow to connect the hopper to the offset feed neck. also the kit comes with spare parts, and the gun takes a cheap reliable delrin bolt (replacements available for $20-$60) and it uses the easy-out pull-pin to remove the bolt, but it's a closed bolt system so it is not going to collect dirt and crud.

Also, the gun itself is made of stainless steel, so it is guaranteed not to rust. I've heard real stories of people crawling through the mud with this gun, standing up, and laying down some heavy fire on the enemies, without even touching it until the end of the match.

This gun can take a real beating and keep on kickin'. There is also a sniper kit and several assault rifle body kits available for this gun, and the sniper comes with a 21 INCH BARREL!!! THAT'S HUGE! And lastly, the most important thing is that this gun is a flex-gas system, meaning that it can run on both CO2 or compressed air or nitrogen. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS WITH THIS GUN!

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