Spyder MR1 Review

by B. Rauser
(Mitchell, Ontario, Canada)

Spyder MR1 Review: I have been playing with the Spyder MR1 for around 2 years now.

It is my first paintball gun that I have owned but I have played with other guns such as the A5 and the Bravo One (also known as the Alpha Black) and a few different rental speedball guns.

The MR1 is an excellent woodsball or milsim marker. It is simple in construction and maintenance (essential for less mechanical minded beginners).

It has excellent accuracy and is very consistent in firing. The 12 inch barrel that comes with it out of the box is great.

It is not a CO2 hog either, a 12 ounce tank can go a long way (around 1500 to 2000 balls depending on the temperature). It’s CO2 efficiency is far better than any of the Tippman markers (especially the A5) that I have played with and against.

The gun also looks good aesthetically, it has a strong resemblance to a real gun but nothing compared to the Bravo One’s look (which looks extremely like a M-16 type gun).

No gun is perfect, even an excellent gun such as the MR1. The MR1 is very hard to sight down with a paintball mask on. It has no raised sights like the Bravo One or even the A5.

One using the MR1 has to learn to use the whole gun as a sight and shoot by feel (a trick i like to say I have mastered). The sighting problem can be fixed by removing the stock or carefully cutting off the top bar of the stock. Raised rails and sights can be purchased as well.

The MR1 is heavy compared to speedball guns, but light compared to some woodsball guns (the Bravo One for example). Personally I do not mind a heavier gun, but sometimes a supportive strap (which unfortunately you cannot easily attach) would be nice.

That brings us to another point, the MR1 is upgradable but not half as much as any of the Tippmann guns. It has a rail on the top that is not that big and usually has to be upgraded with a raised rail.

Sights and lasers can be placed here. New barrels and stocks can be purchased and an electronic trigger can be added if not already equipped. Body cannot be upgraded. If it could have body upgrades it would make the gun look more realistic like its electronic siblings, the MR2 and MR3.

Overall it is a very nice gun, subject to a few flaws that with some ingenuity could be overcome. I plan to play at least a few more years with this excellent gun.

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