Review Of Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder paintball guns are one of the most popular brands. Spyder also produces paintball gear. Spyder markers are not at all simple (like Tippmann’s), and their

price is very reasonable.

Spyder guns are solid performers, and if you upgrade your Spyder marker it can become good enough to compete in tournaments.

There is a large variety of upgrades for Spyder paintball guns and it is not at all difficult to find exactly what you need.

Now, in this article, you will probably find some useful information about the more popular and used models of Spyder paintball guns. First is the Spyder Compact 2000. This marker is really very cheap. You can buy it for less than $90!!!

When you see this, you may think that the gun is not a good one. But the Spyder Compact 2000 is unbelievably good for its money and is considered to be among the best (for this price) paintball gun.

Although, it doesn’t have many features, this Spyder paintball gun is simple and can be used in almost every weather condition. And, of course it has some disadvantages, such as a bad barrel, which has to be changed. And it should be better for the marker to oil it before and after every day, spent on the field.

Second in the family of Spyder paintball guns comes the Spyder Shutter. This marker is very popular and also very good looking. And along with this, it has a lot of features. One of its advantages is the snappy and fast trigger pull. Another one is that the gun is really accurate and has a good range. But, just like most of the paintball guns, it doesn’t have very good barrel. Spyder Shutter is a very easy to be looked after gun, but has to be often oiled.

On the other hand, it has very inappropriate colors for playing in woods (such as metallic blue or red, or the new Java). These colors are so bright that can be seen from a decent distance. But this disadvantage is not such a problem and the gun is worth its money.

Next in the family of Spyder paintball guns is the Spyder EM 1. This is an electronic paintball marker, which has an amazing price-only $430!!! Yes, compared with the other paintball guns it is not cheap-just the opposite-pretty expensive. But for a gun at this level it is really cheap. The Spyder EM 1 is an extremely good weapon. See for yourself. It can produce up to 20 shots per second!!! It shoots fast and accurately. And it doesn’t need any upgrades.

There is one thing about this gun that you should never forget – it doesn’t use regular CO2, so be careful not to make any mistakes. Well, to be honest, it is not the gun that you should buy if you are not addicted to paintball. Although this Spyder paintball gun is cheap for its level, for many people this Spyder paintball gun is really expensive.

So, let’s move on to the next model – Spyder SE. The abbreviation SE stands for “special edition”. This marker has many features, but some of them are not so modern. Nevertheless, it is very accurate gun. Besides, the gun is very easy to be taken apart and cleaned, and also it would do good to the marker if you oil it regularly.

As Spyder SE is very light, it is the perfect gun for speedball and is a good choice not only for beginners, but also for advanced players.

The last review – Spyder EX. This Spyder paintball gun is designed for playing in tournament, and it has a lot of extra features. So, as you may suppose, the price of the marker should be a bit higher, but you will be wrong. It costs less than $180! And consequently, this gun has become extremely popular! But not only is the price what makes this marker so well known. Spyder EX looks simply amazing and acts really very well.

You don’t even need to upgrade it with tournament features, as it already has them. Another good thing about this gun is the unbelievably good and accurate barrel, which is something that is often a problem of most of the paintball guns.

This particular one can sent from 6 to 7 paintballs per second. And if you change the barrel you will only improve the shooting.

Spyder paintball guns are very good. Spyder paintball guns are also very useful and you can get them at very reasonable prices. Spyder paintball guns are a good choice for both beginners and advanced players.

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