Spyder Sonix 07 Model Red

by Anthony
(Toronto, Ontario)

2007 Spyder Sonix

2007 Spyder Sonix

So your reading this right now wondering is this gun worth buying? Well before I give you advice am going to break down the sad news. Sorry but semi-automanics aren't good at all compared to electronic guns, which is what everyone has. If you hate rental markers and you want to have your very own marker, I highly advise you to buy any electronic gun.

Anyways, lets talk about what the Sonix has to offer compared to alot of semi's. The Sonix is a speedball gun so if your a guy who plays in the woods get a tippmann or b4. This guns very easy to clean maintain and open, the gun never chops, its pretty accurate and yet the design is purely simple. Thats pretty all to mention, theres not alot else to talk about besides the crapy V-Type goggles that come with the Sonix value. So if you can't afford electronics, I Anthony recommend a Spyder Sonix 07. The 07 models come with matte finish, very nice!

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