Spyder victor review

by Donny
(Maplewood, MN, USA)

I actually got to use a Spyder victor in my first real war, and have not changed from it since. One of the best parts is it's reliability. It seems to be about middle level, but has absolutely no problems.

I haven't made any modifications, so far I'm quite satisfied with the stock model.
This gun is very light, and useful for frontmen. It has almost no sights, but it is deadly accurate, so It's almost impossible to miss if you use longballing. This is best suited for wood and brush, because of the rate of fire and weight.

Spyder Vs1 Review (2)

by Kent, (Michigan)

I think that the Spyder vs1's or vs2 or 3's are great guns with a nice shooting rate clean easy handling and easy to figure out guns. I think that if you are wanting a fast shooting gun I would stick with it if you aren't very experienced in paintball of tourny guns.

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