Start A Paintball Business In Eight Detailed Steps!

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So you want to start a paintball business. You are a rare bread indeed, you who who wants to take your sport to the next level and make a business of it...

Paintball is definitely exciting and wouldn't it be great to be able to help many more enjoy it, while making a career out of it? Starting up an indoor paintball arena or an outdoor paintball field does require some organization, knowledge and effort to make it a reality.

These steps can help you on your way:

Start A Paintball Business In 8 Steps!

  1. Write out a detailed business plan. This is a step that is necessarily for any type of business, and should include your business location, what equipment you will need to function, daily costs of operation, and the overall plan on running the business from day to day. You can find many resources online on preparing excellent business plans. In the US the SBA is a good start.
  2. Search for financing opportunities with banks to get startup funds. To do right in this step you will really need to know how much it will in fact cost to start your Paintball arena. You will need to take your business plan to banks and show them how you can get started, and make enough profit to pay them back. It's very likely you will be borrowing 10s of thousands of dollars, so be prepared to really show how this much can be justified.
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  4. CYA: You will definitely want to get plenty of liability insurance. Paintball in its safest, still has the potential for a serious injury, and your insurance can take care of this instead of your pocket. Think of it from your clients' side when you start a paintball business, should they get hurt, they are taken care of soon instead of waiting on your profits to help them. Liability insurance is a win for you and them.
  5. If you haven't already, find the location for your indoor paintball arena. Think in terms of property, nearby competition, and potential customers. Some locations that can be great include old warehouses, grocery stores and other large retail sales property. Be sure to inquire on everyone as you may find a serious savings somewhere with more choices to go from.
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  7. Avoid creating sound and light pollution. If you have neighbors, you will at least want to soundproof the facility to prevent them from calling the law to enforce noise laws. This might make it more costly to operate. Being a good neighbor may be more effective at even bringing you more customers.
  8. Utilize your space to create an amazing battle ground. Nothing is worse when you start a paintball business and the players have a lousy experience. Among the equipment you will want are netting, turf and bunkers all of which are widely available for paintball. Other things you will definitely need are guns (markers), paintballs, an air fill station, compressors, safety signs in larger quantities for both in arena activities and sale to your customers. The masks and other safety gear will be the most important, as they keep it much safer, and the liability claims down.
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  10. Market it well: To start a paintball business you need to advertise and create word of mouth referrals. Advertise at every chance you get. You will want to do this even before setup is off the ground. The day you have your grand opening, you will want a crowd make it the greatest day ever. You have the radio, internet, TV, newspapers at your disposal too (for a fee). Try to reach as many people as you can't bump into, and find a way to tell those you bump into as well.
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