Summary Of Paintball Tactics, Techniques, And Tips So Far...

by Antwon
(Spring Hill, Tennessee)

After reading all of the other paintball tactics and tips this is basically what they say so far...

1. Always stay covered. Make sure your body is constantly behind a bunker. Even when you are shooting anything not necessary to aim and shoot should be behind your cover. When your going to move be sure you have someone keeping the other team's head down. I told someone to cover me and he was shooting at the wrong guy, and I was eliminated.

2. Be fast. Whenever you move do it very quickly, especially on the break.

3. Always be aware of the threat to your teammates. As long as they are not in danger they are free to cover you while you move around.

4. Always advance in your cover. Never stay behind one bunker too long, or else you will be flanked and probably wasted.

5. Be sure to communicate with your team, and coordinate your movements between cover.

6. Don't ever have two of your teammates at the same cover/bunker.

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Feb 18, 2008
Very True
by: Anonymous

I can't tell you how many times i've had someone try to double up on a bunker with me, and then we both end up getting eliminated

Feb 02, 2008
by: someone

y cant u have 2 players at the same bunker?

Sep 24, 2007
by: Anonymous

very short not helpful need more

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