by W@RP!G 1
(Chula Vista, CA, USA)

So here's the deal. Most people see enemy suppressive fire as the fiery gates to hell right? NOT COMPLETELY TRUE!!! Sometimes the enemy will lay suppressive fire but out of shear terror of your team. Others may lay the suppressive fire because they want to cover the advancement of their teammates.

For my little tip of advice you will need a VERY VERBAL BACKMAN. He/she will also need to have good eyesight and tactical skills. If they can't do either or then you'd better find a new one. Next you will need very aggressive frontmen. You will also need a very experienced midie in order to cover the frontmen's retreat.

Now for the fun part. Your backman needs to determine whether or not the enemy team is laying suppressive fire while their teammates are advancing. If they aren't then he will need to tell that to the midies but not loud enough for the enemies to hear. From there the midies relay the message to the frontmen who will in turn prepare of a lot of paint.

The backman will need to countdown to the time of hellfire on the other team. Then the midies will need to tell the frontmen that they will advance when the the backs open fire. When the countdown comes to a one all units, except for the fronts, will lay cover fire and the fronts will advance in a flanking fashion up the sides. The enemy will not see it coming unless they have anyone positioned so that they can see all your players.

In know you're probably thinking"JEEZ WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING WHILE THIS IS ALL HAPPENING???". Well here's the deal. If they fire at you then YOUR WHOLE TEAM MUST RETURN FIRE AS A WHOLE UNIT. After a while the enemy will come to believe that you are just as scared. If the enemy doesn't pay attention then while you are all firing then don't be afraid to make SMALL ADVANCES. This isn't much of an advancing tactic but it works =]

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