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Tactical paintball gear: Key to winning a tournament. Of all the physically demanding games that man invented, paintball is one of them. The difficult and rather hostile terrain is in itself a challenge that every participant will have to overcome before they can even think of overcoming the opponent.

It is a game where two teams comprising equal number of players try to mark out each other with guns that shoot balls filled with paints that burst on the target marking it in the process. A player cannot take part in the game once he is marked or any part of the equipments he is carrying is hit. Like many other games here too there are referees who are in the constant lookout for players who are hit or players who violet any rule of the game.

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Paintball is not a very simple game and a lot of tactical paintball gear is required to make it exciting and safe. The amount of gear that is needed is pretty bewildering. A catalog can sound pretty monotonous. It is therefore essential to buy equipments according to its needs and the cutting edge that it will give to a player.

The bare necessities first...

A common perception that clouds the judgment of a newcomer is that the first and most important tactical paintball gear that a paintball player needs is the gun or the marker that fires the paintball. But nothing can be more misleading than this judgment. The most important thing is the personal safety of a player and under no circumstances can the safety of any player be compromised. It will indeed be a foolish thing to try shooting at opponent players without taking adequate protection. A player therefore needs goggles above everything else. It is the goggles that prevent the face, the eyes and the ear from taking the full impact of the hit.

Taking goggles from a rental store is not exactly a very good idea. It is equipment that is most used, even more than the gun itself. Sweat and dust can make it repelling enough. It is therefore better to buy double pane or thermal lenses over single pane lenses simply because thermal lenses allow a player to see well. Ordinary lenses have a tendency to fog quickly making it difficult for the players to sight their targets. Players must essentially buy tactical paintball goggles specially made for paintball players. There are various companies producing combination pack of paintball goggles, masks and ear covers.

paintball tactical vest

Tactical paintball gear: equipment that gives confidence

A good supply of marker magazines is needed so that opponent players can be stalked without the fear of running short of magazines/tubes. A deluxe vest can prove to be a very good tactical paintball gear. It has Velcro closures; drain holes, elastic to hold the paintball magazines tight as well as the option to adjust the height and girth of different persons. The vest is on tactical paintball gear that can turn the table on the opposition. Adjustable magazine pouches, cross-drawn pistol holster and Velcro that aid quick and easy access to magazines are really cool features of this. Adjustable tactical rifle sling with non-slip grip and metal snap hook is also very useful. Heavy-duty commando bag is just what a paintball player needs for a tactical paintball gear. Because of its adjustable strap it becomes easy to be carried in combat.

Tactical gear is very much in demand because it allows a player to have an advantage over the opposition because of superior equipments that help in mobility and comfort.

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