Take one for the team

by J.T. Taylor
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I'm obsessed with paintball. Completely and 100% and it's my favorite thing to do. It all started on my thirteenth birthday, I wanted to do something different this year. Surprisingly I got a brand new spyder pilot ACS my very first paintball gun. I had a great time out there brought my boys out there and got my ass kicked and done some ass kicking myself. Later about my 5th time paintballing my friend lost his gun sock thing that goes on the end now the field was way to big to "hike" back in to get it. And I had seen it the game before (didn't know it was his) and in the second game had 3 players behind me because I was showing him were it was and the others we where going to try and stay with me since I have been doing so well... as soon as we got to it some guy jumps out of a bush 5 feet away and shot us down now...pain never comes to mind for me when I'm out there. Instincts take over now I jump in front of them and take all the shots... I didn't even want too, luckily my friend grabbed his sock and they all got away. While that night I went home and found several different bruises. I could swear he was using full automatic though.

That wasn't the last time I played though no matter how bad I got it I started loving the game more and more even when I get my ass handed to me on a silver platter with a side of cheesy fries and bacon, I loved the game no less. Since then I’ve got ripped off 290 dollars for some crappy sniper equipment. While as you read this I’m still trying to get my money back while still trying to start a paintball team with some of the same people I played with the day I told you about, But not Richard noo he shot 1 person the entire day, and he was on the same team.
This is the story so far and I’m going paintballing on Saturday with current team members.

This is my story so far... for now...

So think of the team like I did that day and shall for the rest of my career.

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