Tango one review

by Jer Crinson
(Grimsby, Ontario, Canada)

Tango one

Tango one

Tango one paintball gun review: This is my current woodsball gun. It was my first gun, and though I have other guns, this is my favorite gun. I have a CAR stock, 14 inch tippmann barrel, a grip/bipod, a tippmann U.S. Army e-grip, and what you call of duty fans would call an ACOG scope. I love this gun because it is devilishly accurate with a tippmann 12-16 inch barrel, has so much room for upgrades, and is VERY cheap. The only thing I don't like about this gun is that it’s not that popular. It’s relatively new (last year) but I’m the only person I’ve seen with one of these guns. I like using it as a sniper rifle or an assault rifle in woodsball. But, it’s not the best at speedball. But, all in all, this gun is pretty sweet for picking off opponentsm i.e. boom....headshot. It’s nice gun.

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