The Battled Tested TM-15

by Justin

TM-15 Marker

TM-15 Marker

The TM-15 Marker. The name even sounds intimidating. The TM-15 is a Battle Tested made weapon that comes equipped with some of the most top gear technology a pro would ever want.

The MilSim design, its automatic, semi-auto, burst capabilities, it can become a deadly arsenal to compare to. Whenever in Woodsball, people always want the element of surprise as long as possible, and with this rifle, you can do that.

The marker has a reduced sound that comes from firing automatic, or even semi-automatic. The most beneficial on the marker, for me anyway, is its super lightweight that allows for quick movement when covering one area to the next; on one occasion, I had been surrounded by five players when it was only my friend's brother (who was a rookie at the time) and I.

When he was having trouble attempting to stay in the game, the accuracy and auto-fire capabilities saved him and I from sure elimination. In one quick conclusion, this marker is hard to beat.

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