The best upgrades you can buy!

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jt proflex

jt proflex

jt proflex hpa tank sp 1 paintball gun

The best paintball upgrades you can get are a good paint ball mask and hpa tank. Like most new paintball players I read reviews and saw videos of people telling me to upgrade to hpa and get a better mask. Well I realized it really makes a huge difference when I first tried them.

First I bought a red jt proflex and thought it would fog just like all the others, but half way into the round and I could still see clearly I was amazed. It also didn't make me itch. I still use this mask today it allows me to flip the bottom piece up so I can yell to team mates or ref games without the noise going back to my ears.

The well placed foam inside makes this mask feel amazing, if u get shot in the lens don't use glass cleaner they are plastic not glass. Glass cleaner will start to break down the plastic over time. This mask in particular every piece comes in a different color so you can customize it however you want. I picked up my proflex for only 55 dollars an awesome deal.

The hpa tank helps you because you will be more consistent over the chronograph and is easier to fill at the field. Performance wise it will make your shots more consistent and is a cleaner gas then co2 so it’s better for your gun. You can also use it even in the cold unlike co2. I use a steel hpa tank and it works great for in the woods if you’re using co2 stop buy a steel hpa tank for 40 bucks and enjoy the benefits.

If your tight on money these are the two most important pieces of gear you need and both will cost you under a hundred dollars an amazing gun to go with these is the sp1 or gog g1 their the same thing basically.

They are water proof efficient and very accurate in my opinion the best woodsball gun every defiantly recommend to any woodsball player.

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