The big scenario paintball game

by Luke
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

The last game I played was a scenario paintball game at the local field (2km squared) as soon as the game started i went out on my own and ran like a mad man down the tape line towards the enemy base, I started to walk (crouched) when I was nearing enemy players. There was a group of three new players (how did i know they were new player you say? They were all huddled together, had rental guns, were talking to each other loudly, and one accidentally fired his gun) well I slowed my breathing, crawled into a position in long grass, waited for them to pass me, then got up into a crouching position again and fired one shot at each, each player was eliminated. I then noticed another two enemies (these were regulars on the field) approaching me quickly but they head not seen me. I quickly dove (quietly) behind a large fallen down hill, these guy new what they were doing and new I was in the area so the chances of me being able to take both of them out before they shot me were slim, I radio'd for a friend to distract them for a second, he did just that. He also managed to take one out in the process, I Simultaneously took out the other guy. I then advanced to the enemy base without further resistance. There were four guys around the base guarding the flag, 2 of them were newbs so i slowly crawled up to a piece of cover (it was a piece of plywood about 7 feet high and 3 feet wide. I tossed a grenade gently over the cover right at the feet of the newbs and they both got hit by the paint. The other two guy didn't know where it came from so one stayed at the flag and the other was walking by me into the woods to see if someone was there, I was about to shoot him but if I did that the guy behind me would know where I was so i let him go into the woods, I heard the guy behind me walking into the small building where the flag was so I slowly walked up to the door watching the guy behind me as i did. I pushed my gun into the back of the guy in the building to let him surrender for the other guy didn't know I eliminated him, I then ran back to my original cover and fired two shots off at the other player and also eliminated him. I then brought the flag back to our base for 100 points.

All in all it was a great game and it really shows you if you think things threw (but don' think too much) you can accomplish amazing things. There were a total of 9 on 9 in this game.

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