What Is The Future Of Paintball?

The future of paintball is a fast paced, warp speed evolution of the game and

it's gear. Paintball has a bright future and in this article I want to show you some things that are going to be happening sooner than you think in this great sport. First of all, if you didn't already know it, paintball is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the country. In fact, nearly 10 million people played paintball just last year!

Side Bar: A quick flash forward might be seen in this paintball video. And if it is an indicator as to the future of paintball guns, look out for first guy who gets one...

The latest figures show that it is a predominantly a male sport but more women were getting into the action. I think that you only need to look at the movie, "Failure to Launch" to see that women can have a lot of fun with it as well. Also, the fact that a major Hollywood production included a lengthy scene with paintball as the central event shows how big it is getting. Regardless, it is obvious that paintball is a growing sport that is becoming more popular in the United States by the day.

As you may have noticed over the past couple of years, there are some major

networks starting to experiment with paintball as entertainment. It only stands to logic that if people can get hooked on watching poker on television, paintball will be an easy sell!

The first ever telecast of a paintball sporting event was back in 1994 and until a couple of years ago there was just not a great way to present paintball in a television format. Fortunately, now that the sport has grown so big, major sports producers have become involved and developed better techniques to show paintball on television. This will translate into a much more interesting entertainment product and a larger television audience as we go into the future of paintball.

ESPN has been a frontrunner in the airing of paintball as an extreme sport and it is likely to be incorporated into the X-games in the near future. Paintball may also have a stand alone pro league as well. There are major players such as Fox Sports, MTV and VH1 that have already expressed interest in televising the league. This would only serve to make the sport more visible and once people see it on TV, it is virtually assured that more people will want to try it. This is estimated to lead to an exponential growth in the sport over the next decade.

In addition, family fun centers around the country are adding paintball as a part of their entertainment facilities right along with miniature golf, go karts, half pipes and other usual attractions. This will make it much easier to try the sport and to get people involved. I don't have to tell you that once they have tried it, they will be hooked!

The future of paintball is just around the corner. And once it arrives, it'll change again. The amount of time and money being invested in the game and the equipment is growing exponentially, and this bodes well for the future of paintball.

It is a certainty that exciting times are in store for the paintball industry and enthusiasts. As the sport continues to grow there will be other advances but the most important is that of exposing as many people as possible to the sport. From there the possibilities are limitless!

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