The Mighty Smart Parts SP1

by sharpshooter0frye
(MA )

Mighty Smart Parts SP1

Mighty Smart Parts SP1

The sp1 is by far the best woodsball gun other than the MTAC a thousand dollar gun when the sp1 is around 100 dollars. it features a semi auto three shot burst and fully auto adjustable at the click of a button but it also has tournament lock semi.

This gun features a low force bolt which means you don’t chop paint it also has a very nice regulator the same one that’s on the lux a 1000 dollar gun. this gun shoots amazing and its whisper quiet, it’s capped at 11bps. But if you buy a blackheart or virtue board you will get laser eyes and adjustable rates of fire and more firing modes.

This gun is lightning fast and durable you can put it under water and still shoot. It works with hpa or co2. It is also very efficient compared to all the other guns on the market for just over 100, you can put as many upgrades sights or cameras you want pn the 6 rails, and a mag light in the front as shown in picture I have had mine for 2 years and still love it. It never broke paint.

Another great upgrade is the apex barrel which makes it shoot extremely far this gun looks feels and shoots amazing best woodsball gun ever buy it this defiantly beats all the spiders and tippmanns out there the wgp guns are good but very bad on air.

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Jan 10, 2016
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