The MR1 Paintball Gun

Two or three months ago I bought the MR1. Since it was my first paintball gun I was happy... until I got to the field. The gun looks nice at first but when you start shooting it seems like u bought a $20 gun. The stock barrel is bad, I personally don't like the trigger, the stock won’t stop falling off, the rate of fire is horrible, and you might as well buy a better gun like an ION or a Vibe. If your a woodsball player I'd go with the SP-1 if you have a budget. (Also I forgot to mention it is really heavy). If your a speedball player and is looking at this gun DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! This gun isn't that great at anything really. After the first time I got it I bought rocking triggers for it. It made it a lot faster and easier but it won't stop chopping. Overall I would say get a different gun definitely.

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Jul 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have an MR1 and its great dont get me wrong i wouldnt use it for speedball its not marketed for that but if your gonna put a better trigger on it you need an electric hopper and that will stop the balls from chopping. The reason theyre chopping right now is cause your rate of fire is to high for the paint to load without an electric hopper.

Apr 05, 2010
Found it quite differently
by: Anonymous

My experience with the MR1 has been excellent. Any paintball gun is crappy if you do not use it properly. The stock has to be fastened with the extra screw that comes with it and the stock barrel has served me well when cleaned properly.Oiling the gun also helps with performance. In my opinion the MR1 is an excellent woodsball gun, it just needs to be used properly.
Oh and it isn't that heavy compared to some woodsball guns, it just is sturdy (i have had someone drop mine ten feet onto a concrete patio and all that happened was a few scratches)

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