The Tippman 98 Paintball Gun

by Tyler Davis

It was raining. Hard. Me and my friends considered calling off the game for the sake of our guns. Don't get me wrong, I was afraid for my gun also. And the cold Just depressed us even farther. But still, after a quick conversation under a concrete bunker, we decided it was probably the last game of the year,due to the incoming winter,and by the time it was over we would have bought new guns anyways. So we divided up into our teams and ran to our separate bases.The effects were almost instant. Most of my friends had spyders, pilots,and victors. A few had higher end markers, like ions and angels.

I had a tippman 98, customized to look like an ak-47. I was proud of it,but at the time I thought it was on its last leg.Oh how wrong I was. As soon as the game started the people with lower end markers were shooting like crazy,trying to get every dime out of this last game. soon enough,the paintballs were frozen,the barrels covered with icicles, and people were swearing due to there gun malfunctions.So,I nervously fired my first burst of paint at a guy wielding an automatic angel,taking down the helpless lower end marker wielders.The three round burst hit him right in the chest and covered him in paint. He stared at my gun in surprise, as if the paint that had just ruined his fun fell from the sky. I smiled behind my mask and pursued another paintballer and couldn't resist giving my marker a pat on the hopper, in appreciation of the beautiful piece of plastic and metal. That was two years ago... I still have the gun to this day.

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