Three Woodsball Strategies!

Here are three good woodsball strategies: Early on in a woodsball game gather up your buddies and think strategy.

First, you need to consider your opponents: are they overall more skilled? Do they have better firepower? What approach do you think they will take? Offensive or Defensive? What kind of terrain are they best suited for- do they have better camo than you? If they're more skilled be cautious and try to out-think them. Be one step ahead.

If you are more skilled, launch an early attack or something of that nature. If they have better, faster guns, stay out of open areas (I.e. Fields, hilltops, thin tree lines) with high visibility. Set up a defensive position and wait them out. If they know they're guns are better they'll get antsy.

If YOUR team is better in that perspective, try to draw them out into an open area, bc if it comes down to a balls-to-the-wall, guns blazing', paint-fest the ones that shoot faster will come out on top 99% of the time. If your unsure what approach they'll take, send a small maybe 2 man, 3 at most scout team ahead to see what the opponent's doing, and adjust accordingly. If they have better camo, just be alert and know the field. If you've got btr camo, use it to your advantage. Find a spot where you blend in well.

Second, consider YOUR team. Look at everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you know about the other team, devise a strategy.

Third, look at your field. Think about who knows it well, who doesn't, and who's on what team. These things can get you a long way.

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