Tippmann 98 custom for Christmas

by David

tippman 98 custom without hopper

tippman 98 custom without hopper

This is my Tippman above, minus the hopper. It's a platinum edition, and it's all stock parts. Nothing has been changed.

Alright, so I got a tippmann 98 custom for Christmas this year. I've always been into paintball, but I never had the money or the means to go out and buy myself a marker, considering how we lived on a farm an hour and a half away from the nearest field. (I'd drive myself, but I'm only 13.)

So then we moved closer to town and I started saving up for a marker, unsure of what to get. I have only rec paintballed in the past but I wanted to really get into the sport. So imagine my surprise when I found a pack of balls and a brand new Tippmann under the tree!

Anyways, I've been out shooting quite a bit, and I must say it is an insanely accurate gun. My brother and I (my brother has some paintballing experience) were able to hit a tether-ball pole in our backyard from about 25-50 feet away (approx.) and consistently. Every time we missed, it was by a fraction of an inch.

This got me wondering about upgrades, and I think I want to turn it into a sniper *hybrid*. Hybrid meaning I can still use it at closer range if I have to:). I found a stock already and was thinking I would get the Tippmann Flatline barrell (unsure of what size) a laser, and a red dot scope.

So my question(s): Is the barrel the best choice? What laser (if any) would you guys recommend? What is a good, yet inexpensive sidearm? (I've been looking at pistols, either the Ariakon Overlord Rx or ACP 2.0) and the most important question: Is there a scope available that is raised of the mount about 1 1/2 or 2 inches, so I can still use the sights?

I am open to any feedback on what I should purchase!

Thanks guys,
David :)

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