tippmann 98 custom

by Brice Shaw
(Near altoona, Pennsylvania)

Ok so I was just at my uncles house and he let me shoot the tippmann 98 custom for the first time. That was the first paintball gun I have ever shot and it felt awesome. That was about a month ago and now we are going to play woodsball this weekend at his house with a couple of his buddies.4v4. Anyways he said he would let me use it since he has like 5 guns. So it is going to be the first time I'm ever going to play paintball. Should be fun. I was also wondering what all are some good guns. I was looking at that tippmann I said about. Some other guns I was looking at: spyder pilot, viewloader high voltage starter kit, and viewloader high voltage electronic marker and I was just wondering which I should get.

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