Tippmann A-5 Reviews:

tippmann a5 and my gear

Tippmann A-5 Review, by Kelly A, (Wichita, KS).

My A-5 has been a real good gun I added a response trigger, ceramic barrel, and a slim line cyclone feeder. I used a remote setup for awhile then I made a custom fiberglass stock that a 20oz bottle fits into I also made a fiberglass silencer which I made several of trying to quite the gun but as we all know co2 isn't real quite, but it looks cool.

I wish the gun was about half as heavy as it is without sacrificing durability.

All in all I say the gun is real nice for a co2 type setup.

Tippmann A-5 Pretty Good With Upgrades, by Lucas Holstine (Plainville, Indiana, U.S.A).

The Tippmann A5 is a pretty good gun with upgrades. The bare stock A5 isn't very good. I think the gun itself is worth $150 instead of $180. What you are paying for is the upgrades you have the ability to use. also the gun is very reliable. stock barrel especially.

It is only 8 1/2 inches long with no porting. loud as hell. The good thing is that there are plenty of gun upgrades. Hope you don't mind having lots of shoulder stocks cause almost all of the upgrades come with them. I cant comment on the flatline barrel cause i really don't want to pay $90 bucks or one when I can get an apex for $35.

The sniper kit upgrade is a epic fail. Comes with a 20 inch barrel with a shoulder stock and a laser dot sight. I have replaced all of them with better quality products. overall, I give the A5 a 3/5 star rating. Generously.

Tippmann A-5 Review by Roland (Vancouver BC Canada).

I like my a5 because all the parts are replaceable and are durable. The a5 shoots accurately and at a fair range 150+ feet. With many mods available it becomes a good woods ball/ speed ball gun for everyone.

My setup has:

  • Opsgear Folding G36 Stock
  • Opsgear Sight riser
  • Smart Parts 16'' Barrel.
  • Tippmann a5 MP5 SD Shroud (replaces front grip into rail hand grip)
  • hopper offset adapter
  • NStar 1x45 weaver red dot sight.

This allows me to convert from CQC to ranged combat. I shoot every round to the same spot to a distance of 75 feet. At further range it would require the perfect settings (paint, humidity, wind etc.) Easy to clean and maintain, TIPPMANN FTW!

tippmann a5 with mods

Tippman A-5 With Mods by Maldrin, (Montana).

Want to make your A5 shoot fast?

I have had a Tippmann A-5 for years. It's a great marker. The one frustration I've had with it is that when ever I did any kind of speedball course I was pitted against a lot of high level markers. I still did ok but it became apparent that if I wanted to really advance up that I would need a faster marker...

Insert problem, I didn't have the funding to buy a faster one. So I dissected my A-5 and found that if you replace the trigger spring with a lighter one and put a stopper of sorts to limit the trigger pull travel that I could dramatically increase the speed of this marker.

Now I can keep up with my partners '03 Intimidator and still fall in the regulations of one trigger pull one shot. Plus its fun to see guys underestimate me because I use an A-5.

If you wish to do this to your A-5 I have a step by step guide at this address... it is informational only I don't sell anything. http://sites.google.com/site/budgetpaintball/Home/modifying

Tippmann A5: "The Intimidator" by Dave C. (Victoria BC).

New to the Tippmann A5 marker, and I love it.


  • JJ 14" Ceramic Barrel
  • Howitzer Front Bolt
  • Red Dot Laser Sight
  • Tappco Collapsible Stock
  • HPA via remote line

I have taken it out just twice in the field (for 15-20 min. scenario games) and it can spew out a stream of paint as fast as I can pull the mech trigger (stock...). It seems to be a "gas hog" without doubt. When running on CO2 the Cyclone feed will stop functioning when the gas levels get moderately low (although there is still plenty of gas to fire the paint when the Cyclone is manually advanced... one ball at a time).

I am not sure if this is a function of my particular A5 or if this is a common issue. I have, however, taken apart the cyclone feed "piston" and cannot see any defects but I've moved on to HPA now and it seems to suck less gas without the issue recurring (in my backyard... yet to be out in the field w HPA).

Intimidation: some of the renters seemed afraid of the gun. They were also inclined to follow directions based on the simple fact that the A5 with a few mods has an "intimidation" factor (or so one of them indicated). This was good as it seemed to open folks up to some planning which lent some coordination to the "herd's" efforts (actually had some leap frog work happen and a strong side attack developed thanks to the borrowed authority the tricked out A5 lent to me).

Accuracy: Pretty darn good. The 14" barrel adds a lot. I still need to walk the shots to the target when past 40' but that is more an issue with the user (me) then the gun (I sure am not a dead eye shot yet).

No chopped paint after about 3000 "rounds" (some of it was fired at the max I could manage using two fingers on the stock mech trigger).

Other add-ons to consider:

I intend to go to a Response Trigger (next pay check), JCS Red Hot Power Tube and an aftermarket alum bolt to replace the plastic (stock) version.

AWESOME for the newb and the not so newb, dig it.

Tippmann A5 by Nick Lindsay (London, UK).

I bought my Tipppmann A5...this as my first marker...I had read several reviews about it and choose it due to the style of paintball I play.

As a predominately Milsim paintball player, this marker is able to have a number of shrouds, barrels and stocks to make it look like a real steel firearm. I fitted a CAR style extendable stock, giving me more stability when in the aim, I intend to add a M16 style barrel and fore-grip, with a dummy magazine. The marker is also easy to clean and maintain with the use of the handbook. To sum up, I love this marker.

tippmann a5 markers

Tippmann A5 Markers by Shawn Adrian Duncan (Pretoria, South Africa).

The Tippmann A-5 is a fantastic marker for bushball. It has been put through its paces and has yet to disappoint.

These two A5 markers are used for our league games and they both perform well. The smaller marker is perfect for the veld, requires no batteries and has great range. The larger and heavier G36 is the assault marker with an exceptional rate of fire. Perfect for those close quarter scenarios.

tippmann a5 with upgrades

Tipmann A-5 With Upgrades by Miles (Longview).

Hey well I'm not really a newb but I’m not all that could you can say here is what my gun has:

  • 16 inch barrel
  • Red dot sight scope
  • Hopper adapter needed for the sight otherwise I would not recommend this piece of crap
  • Collapsible stock
  • E-grip

The ups:

  • Looks really cool id say looks like the most realist gun compared to others.
  • Accurate and DURABLE I've done just about everything to this and it still has worked for me.
  • Good starting gun.
  • Lots and lots of upgrades for it.

The downs:

  • Pretty dang big.
  • With the off set hopper adapter it falls off and spills p balls I wouldn’t buy this unless you need for a red dot sight or a scope

Well if this helps and I normally play woods ball and a some what speed ball not to much though I don’t not play tourneys although I'm going to sometime this year but the tippmann is awesome I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap good gun well that’s with no upgrades durable and more.

The Perfect Tippmann A-5 by Tyler the TERMINATOR (NJ).

The tippmann a-5 is great overall. If you buy it stock it is good, but with my mods it is better:

1: flatline
2: response trigger
3: car stock
4: expansion chamber
5: rail + sight

For the price it is worth it.

The Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun: Owner's Confidence, Opponent's Nightmare...

It is often observed that offense is the best form of defense. Every paintball player at one time or another thought about terrorizing the opponent with the type of fire power and accuracy that will not be matched from the other end.

Tippmann A-5 paintball gun with its 15 ball per second firing rate strikes terror in the heart of any opponent. This useful weapon comes with a black finish and can easily be camouflaged, as reflection is not going to be a worry. The style grip and cocks in front are the other very important features of Tippmann A5 paintball gun. This paintball marker stands head and shoulder above the rest in terms of style and utility.

Tippmann A-5 gun's cyclone feed system
The uniqueness of this system is to assist a player to fire as many balls as possible per second. The cyclone feed system in the Tippmann A-5 paintball gun simply loads the paintballs with amazing speed. The system has been modified to reduce breakage while feeding the ball before each shot. The clearing rod attachment is a cool feature indeed. Even if the ball gets jammed the clearing rod will help clear it out with ease. Although the feeder is a bit over-sized, nobody will complain after taking into consideration the performance of the gun.

tippmann a-5

Front cocking: A Tippmann A-5 paintball specialty
Like every other gun the Tippmann A5 paintball gun can only be fired after cocking. The only thing that is special to the Tippmann A-5 is that, the cocking arm is in the front and not on the back. One more feature of this new cocking style is that once the cocking is done the cocking arm never moves again.

This ensures that the player does not have to worry about the cocking knob getting caught on something and not firing. The entire front cocking mechanism is enclosed and these ensures against the entry of sand or dirt or paint and clog the mechanism of the gun. Another advantage of using Tippmann A-5 is the ease with which it can be stripped and reassembled on the field without any tools. The grip frame can be removed easily and the trigger assembly can be reached quickly. Upgrading this gun is never a very difficult proposition. Since each and every part of the gun is accessible, it is very easy to keep it clean and well maintained.

Carbine barrel thread of Tippmann A-5
A barrel determines how good a gun is by giving it the accuracy and range. Tippmann A-5 is equipped with micro honed barrel that can provide the needed accuracy. The gun can adapt to any type of barrel. Be it a procarbine, prolite or flatline, the performance of the gun is not hampered. The barrel can be removed very easily and quickly, as the entire process is very easy and simple.

Tippmann A 5 paintball gun: A technological marvel
Paintball marker is a very important piece of equipment and without a quality paintball gun winning a tournament is impossible. Tippmann A5 has brought in some revolutionary technology that has changed the very nature of paintball game. The cyclone feed system has made the game much more competitive and intense. This high performance gun combines the best in terms of modern technology, maximum firepower, unmatched accuracy and durability. The ease with which the gun can be reassembled gives the players an added advantage of cleaning or upgrading it. It is indeed a paintball player's favorite.

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