Tippmann A5 Flatline Stealth

by Brynjar

Tippman A5 Stealth

Tippman A5 Stealth

I bought the Tippmann A5 Stealth package and I am very satisfied.

It is not to great for Speedball playing, but it's great for playing mid in Woodsball.
I can't defend the myth that it hogs air, maybe because I'm not so hard on the trigger-finger as my friends with 98's and Spyders and so on.

About the Flatline, it is VERY important that you adjust your fps to about 265-275 fps. This because the flatlines curved barrel gives the ball a backspin that gives you the extra distance. If your fps is to high or low, the ball will not get the right spin, and you wont just loose the distance, but most likely the ball wont even go straight forward.

About the Marker, It's very easy to clean and maintain compared to the 98, because you can remove the entire grip, that way you wont have to worry about the trigger mechanism to pop out all the time. You can also remove the stock without taking the marker apart.

Negative sides
If you use a remote (as I do) the weight of the gun will not be balanced because of the weight of the flatline barrel, but it's not to much. Also with the Flatline you depend on an accurate fps. If you don't have a Chronograph, you're screwed, unless you shoot and tune fps until you're satisfied.

I would highly recommend the A-5 for Woodsball. If you play mid or back, you should consider a Flatline barrel for the extra range.

(Regarding the photo, if you can see it, The scope is not mine, and for that matter, I think that scopes is a waste)

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Oct 09, 2009
by: dan

i have the same exact setup with a response trigger, low profile hopper, and the new rubber squishees awesome gun.

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