Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Gun Review!

Tippmann alpha black tactical review, by Wil (Dandridge, Tennessee).

alpha black tactical paintball gun

Hi. My name is Wil. I've been playing paintball for about three years. I must say that I am among the top paintball players in my little town and I'm loving every minute of it.

I've been playing with the Tippmann alpha black tactical (tab) for a while and it by far beats the Tippmann x7 in my opinion.

I'm a beefy guy so I like that the gun itself is nice n beefy. It is really durable I haven’t broken a ball yet and I have probably put 4-5 cases of 2000 rounds in. It is really accurate to. I have hit multiple ppl wit head shots and it looks very intimidating!

You can scare the snot out of people when they first lay eyes on it. One of the best things is it's actually only $150 on some sites and maybe cheaper than on others.

Sterling rec balls shoot great out of this marker. Most players are concerned about weight, well it is heavier but 76x more sturdy and comfortable and beautiful and rugged and dependable. The best gun on the market no doubt for under $300 in my opinion.

Tippmann Alpha Black Upgrades:

  • E-Trigger Electronic Upgrade Kit
  • Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System
  • HG Bipod
  • 16" Sniper Barrel
  • AK47-B Barrel Kit
  • Techt Zero Kick Hammer
  • Sight Scope Mount Base
  • Tactical Sling
  • 1X30 Red Dot Sight

tippmann alpha black

Battle Ready with the Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker:

Imagine walking on to the paintball field carrying a paintball marker that will literally scare the bejesus out of people without you firing one shot. That is exactly the kind of reaction that some player get when you use the Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker.

This slick looking paintball gun is not only intimidating to look at, but it also performs well. Once your competition sees you coming with this weapon of choice, they won't be able to tell whether or not you are brand new to the sport or a highly trained Navy Seal look alike. Either way, they will be terribly afraid. They will be very afraid.

Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Edition Design

The Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker uses a M16 style collapsible stock that has 6 positions. It will allow you to shoulder fire the weapon just like the real M16. When it's fully expanded, the Alpha Black Tactical stretches out to about 4 feet in length. This gives it a very realistic and intimidating look. It has a default 11 inch barrel which helps to increase the accuracy of this weapon along with the M16 style shroud which houses the built in tactical front site.

It loads paintballs via an old style gravity feed that is located on the upper right hand side of the marker.

It also has a convenient carrying handle that can also be used as a aiming site and the egrip handle ensures that this paintball marker stays in your control when firing at all times. It even has a removable magazine that you can use store tools such as your Allen keys and squeegee.

Firing System Design and Accuracy

The Alpha Black tactical uses an all aluminum firing system that consists of aluminum die cast receiver and inline bolt system. This marker is equipped with an E-trigger which gives it the ability to fire in 3 different modes, semi auto, three burst mode, and full auto. Combined with the high performance 11 inch barrel, you will be able to fire this weapon with accuracy rates as high as 90%. Once you have your enemy in the cross hairs of this paintball marker, there will be no way for them to escape.

Attachments and Accessories

When it comes to adding attachments and accessories to the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical, you will have wide variety of options to choose from. It has attachments that will turn it into a sniper rifle as well as different loading accessories such as a tactical loader that can be found in 20 and 50 round capacities.

Here's What People like about the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker

Overall, people tend to like the overall look, accuracy and versatility of this marker. Not only does it have a very intimidating appearance, but it is fairly accurate and can be configured in many different ways.

Here's What People Say They Don't Like

The only real complaint about the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Maker is that it is relatively heavy compared to other paintball markers. This has a lot to do with what accessories you choose to use and how you will be using the weapon.

Final Verdict on the Alpha Black Tactical Marker

If you are looking for a paintball marker that will give you the look and feel of an actual combat weapon that the military uses, then the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker is the right choice for you. Not only is it very accurate and performs well, but it also looks like a real military weapon.

Where to Find the Alpha Black Tactical

If you are looking for a good deal on the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical, one of the best places to check is Amazon.com. They often have it listed at a great price and it even qualifies for free shipping. To check out the latest Amazon deals on this paint marker.

Be sure to check out the sniper package as well...

alpha black sniper

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