Tippmann Custom Pro Review!

Tippmann custom pro review from experienced player: I've been playing paintball for about 5 years now and i have NEVER scene a more reliable gun, this was the second gun i had (after my spyder broke) and it broke down after 5 years for the first time on my fault of not oiling gun, which is an hour at your local paintball store (the trigger spring/trigger board was loosened) it may not be the best gun as far as an experienced player but if your going to go once in a while or don't want to get serious especially with cash you don't need to its about $200 for basic set (gun barrel, gravity hopper, neck, dropforward, and the gun itself) as far as what else you need for it would be a CO2 (basic tank and cheaper) or if you want to have a good gun with a somewhat serious player get a HPA/N tank (high pressured air/nitrogen) it will cost about an extra 100 bucks (68ci/3000-4500psi) over a 20oz CO2 tank, but you will get a better tank with more shots (about an extra 500) easier refilling, and most importantly when you refill you will never break O-rings (when an O-ring breaks you have to send the tank to get fixed caused when you do not properly take the tank off right) because they have a 2nd refill valve that can be used if while it is in your gun.

Overall I would rank the gun as:

Reliability: 10/10
For more experianced players: 4/10
Beginners: 9/10
Woodsball overall: 9.5/10
Speedball overall: 5/10 (lacks high BPS)
customability: 9/10
Air efficiancy: 6/10 overall but 9/10 for price
Overall: 7.5/10

Other suggested guns:other tippmanns,BT guns, Army guns, Smart parts (more for serious players, you will have to get them used since they closed) NEVER SPYDERS, a great way to check if it is a good gun brand is simply go on-line if every website has them(the ones i listed above)i may have missed one or 2.

Phrases that may confuse you: ACT-anti-chop technology get it, it keeps from you shooting your gun and the ball chops, or breaks in your gun. Response trigger- has multiple settings these are the guns that are non-electric that you would like extra settings then semi-auto. they will give you semi-auto 3 shot burst, rebound or ramping (shoot 5 bps, or balls per second and it goes to a higher bps (10-17) BPS-balls per second. Marker-same as gun. E-gun-electric gun.

E-trigger- same as Response trigger.

Pods/guppies-a plastic tube to hold extra paintballs.

Hope this was helpful to you and worth your time.

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Mar 22, 2011
Good post
by: Lucas H

It's true that all the Tippmann guns are probably the most reliable on the market. Sure they aren't the best PB guns out there but if you want a good, solid, starting gun but don't care about performance too much, I would definitely go with Tippmann.

Mar 21, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

I also have a custom pro. I've never had a problem with it or any other tippmann brand markers. They never break down and never break paint. Good metal construction unlike spyders which tend to break very easily.

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