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Tippmann paintball guns: Tippmann is a big name in paintball. In fact, Tippmann produced military equipment at first as well as paintball gear. Tippman paintball markers and accessories are considered leaders in this area. They focus mainly on equipment and service.

Tippmann paintball markers are very popular. Most paintball fields offer Tippman guns as rental guns.

What makes Tippmann paintball guns so well known is the fact that they are super reliable and they are very easy to manage. That is why Tippmann paintball guns are the best choice for beginners and intermediate players (and Tippmann paintball guns are a great choice for advanced players on a budget), or for those who don’t want to waste time taking care of their marker right before or right after a game.

Another advantage of Tippmann paintball guns is that they are not totally dependent on weather conditions – Tippmann paintball guns shoot as well as they always do even in cold weather. Well, after all it is true that Tippmann paintball guns are not the best choice if you want to take part in a tournament (maybe the Tippmann a-5 with all the upgrades can compete, though), but they are simply perfect guns if you don’t intend to play paintball professionally.


So, this was some general information about Tippmann paintball guns. Now, it is time for some reviews on different models of tippmann paintball guns, so you can get a better idea of what's on the market.

The first review is about Model 98. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the more expensive guns, nevertheless it is a high quality paintball gun. That is why it is the most preferred rental gun. Its appearance is not flashy or hip like Spyder guns. Tippmann's are not produced with looks in mind. They are simple, reliable, comfortable for holding, and useful guns. The paintball rarely breaks in the marker. This is a feature that is typical for Tippmann paintball guns and is considered a great advantage for paintball markers.

Another advantage of Tippmann paintball guns is the light and short trigger pull, but the gun’s barrel is not at all good and you may want to replace it with a better one. Furthermore, Model 98 is not as upgradeable as Spyder’s.

tippmann paintball guns

The next review is on the Tippmann 98 Custom. It is absolutely the same with Tippmann Model 98, except for one thing – this time the gun can be upgraded. You can add many upgrades. Things like Electric kit, Flatline Barrel System, Double trigger and low pressure kit. These upgrades will make your Tippmann 98 Custom simply the best gun you can find and for a reasonable price.

tippmann pro carbine

Now, here comes the Tippmann Pro/Carbine review. It is a solid, reliable and easy-working Tippmann. This marker, as the previous two, cannot be stopped by weather conditions. Along with it, it has a heavy trigger, which acting can be improved, if the trigger is “fixed”. It also has a bad barrel that needs replacement. Another disadvantage is that the Tippmann Pro/Carbine is not upgradeable and very uncomfortable for carrying.

Tippmann SL 68 II is a pump paintball marker and is considered to be one of the best paintball pumps on market. Not much to say except if you are looking for pump, go with a tippmann.

tippmann a5

Tippmann A-5 is the latest in the Tippmann paintball marker family. This is arguably the best semi-automatic available. It's the only gun that comes with a Cyclone Feed System. Basically it's a hopper that fast feeds paintballs without clogging, up to 800 rounds per minute! No other Tippmann paintball markers (or any other manufacturer) have this feature, and it's killer. There are 3 A-5 divisions...

  • A-5 with a reactive trigger. It's similar to a full auto trigger with a sweet spot. Pull the trigger once and the trigger pushes against your finger so you never really have to get OFF THE TRIGGER. By holding just the right amount of pressure you can achieve FULL AUTO rates of fire!

  • The second division is A-5 “Hellcat”. It is A-5 with custom Army coloring.

  • And the last one is the A-5 Standard, which is without the reactive trigger.
If you want a paintball gun in the under $300 price range Tippman A-5 standard or with the reactive trigger is the way to go in my opinion. You get the Cyclone Feed System and the potential to upgrade it on several levels. It's also a reliable well built paintball gun. No other semi automatic comes close.

Go with the Tippmann 98 custom if you only have about $170 to spend. It also has the potential for lots of upgrades, but no Cyclone Feed System.

I was speaking with a tech about the Tippman A-5 and he said that most people who buy a Spyder paintball gun end up selling theirs because they are not very upgradeable. But most people who buy Tippmann paintball guns keep it and upgrade them over time, saving time and money. It also competes with all the top of the line paintball guns very well.


Tippamann X7

The newest line of Tipmmann markers is the x7. Apparently they are pretty darn good. It's not good for speedball because the cyclone sticks out big time. But it's a good marker for recreation ball...woodsball, scenario etc. Here is a video on the Tippmann X7:

Well, that is the basic information, which represents Tippmann paintball marker and gives you the real idea of what Tippman you should buy.

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Here's is information on upgrading your Tippmann Custom 98 with a Tippmann Custom 98 Full Auto Kit.

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