Tippmann X7 And Woodsball

by Tylor Mombourquette
(Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada)

My Tippmann X7 is an around good woodsball gun. It's accurate, and packs the power needed to come home victorious. However for a player who is just started I do not reccomend it...

1. If you are just starting out you do not know what you will end up doing whether it is woodsball, speedball, scenario w/e. And the X7 is a very good woodsball paintball gun. Even with the response trigger it only goes 15 balls a second and is therefore pathetic speedball gear.

2.If you live in Canada almost all accessories needed to upgrade it are not legal. They are still in the process so it is a pain in the a** to get parts and therefore to improve your guns performance.

So all in all if you are devoted to woodsball go for it but if not try to pick a for versitile gun.

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Nov 11, 2007
by: Anonymous

assesories are very legal

Oct 04, 2007
Tippmann X7
by: Spirit2

Tippmann's X7 is a good, rugged and reliable marker for woodsball. Although no realy made for speedball it will hold it's own, in the proper hands, in the speedball areana.

Like any marker maintenace and upgrades will increase it's realiability on the field.

Contrary to what some believe, upgardes for the X7 are not illegal in Canada. Internal upgrades are available and so are most of the external mods for the X7 like - foregrips, stocks, carry handles, red dot sights etc. X7 barrels are compatible with the A5 models. The X7 comes in semi-auto but trigger upgrades are available already in R/T and the E-Grip models. So the upgrades and modifications you want on your X7 are limited only by your imagination.

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