Tips For Scenario and Speedball Paintball Players

by Shawn

Here's is the 4 Tips For Scenario and Speedball Paintball Players...

The most important tips any beginning paintball player can put to great effect!

1. Always use cover~ wherever u are at in the field always use cover. even a small pole can deflect one or two shots aimed at you. NEVER STAY IN THE OPEN. Cover is the single most important tip for any player.

2. Stay low and sprint when your moving to a different position~ never do a jog to get to cover. no matter how close or far-sprint-and if possible dive and slide into the cover.

3.ELBOWS tucked!~ When shooting, keep the arm that is using the trigger, keep that elbow tucked. so if your shooting with your right fingers, keep your right elbow close if not touching your side of the stomach!, this will save you from getting shot on the side of the arm many times!.

4. Communication!~ this is probably the second most important in paintball, ESPECIALLY scenario paintball. usually you will not know the people on your team in scenario, DO NOT let that stop you from yelling to them telling them enemy positions Etc. Let teammates know (enemy positions, where they should go, to cover you, for them to run while u cover them, EVERYTHING basically.

5. Do not stay in one place to long, in scenario, you will get picked off if u stay at one place for to long. Always try to move from cover to cover, and move forward whenever you can. Keep the pressure on them, keep moving forward shooting fast and straight to them.

That's it for now ill post more tomorrow!

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