Tips from Devon (rookie paintball player...practices with AM players)

by Devon
(Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada)

If you don’t already know walking the field is very useful. When you walk the field look for angles on bunkers and out of bunkers. Know where you can shoot while looking out the other side of your bunker.

Two Men Left

When there is only two of you left depending on how many of the opposing team there is always cross up looking inside (looking into the middle of the field or facing your mirror or opposite side of the field). This will help because this way you will each be watching each other’s backs and know and see if another player moves up.

When there is two of you and one of them then RUN THEM DOWN, each of you should be running down each side of the bunker gunning at the other player, if they are too good or your confidence is low, then pinch them, which is moving to a bunker where you and your partner can shoot on each side of his bunker pinching him in. allowing you to run him down.

Break Shooting
Right off of break you should have at least two players break shooting, then when they get to their bunkers to continue laying on their mirror or specific destination, they should be shooting right over front players heads so then fronts can move up for the kill.
That is all I have for now I have a lot more just don’t feel like typing all night lol but yeah, maybe another time I will share more
OH yeah and never be scared of a paintball they are easier to dodge when you are staring right at them then being scared and not [paying attention.

Oh and as for my GAT goes, I have no pics right now but my first, which I still have as a good backup, is a SP ION UPS:
Blackheart Board
Critical Trigger
16 " Freak Barrel
Hybrid grips
32 Degrees Rail
ST Feedneck
White Body kit
White Virtue EZ ON

My Other is An 06 Vision Shocker

Trintiy Feedneck
Critical Triger
White macro Line
ST Rail
Stiffi Barrel
Both very dependable guns, great starter guns

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