All Terrain Mobility With Vans Paintball Shoes

Sporting gear like Vans Paintball Shoes can make a huge difference in the performance of your game. Nothing looks sharper than a sure-footed athlete with a pair of high quality paintball shoes like Vans. In case of paintball tournaments, the footgear becomes immensely significant because of the rough-and-tumble nature of the sport.

In games and tournaments only the fittest, quickest, and the most fleet footed win. The playing conditions vary widely from one tournament to another, as the grounds of all the tournaments cannot be standardized. Sometimes the participants test their skills against one another in the hot desert of Arizona while sometimes they are made to cope with the marshlands of England. In this type of condition Vans paintball shoes are very useful.

Things You Can Expect From Vans

Tournament conditions are slowly becoming increasingly hostile, and Vans paintball shoes help to maneuver in these treacherous locations. There are various models of shoes to choose from with different features, and each of them has its advantages.

The shoe is made with cutting edge technology, ensuring in the process that utility is not sacrificed for comfort.. Being lightweight and having hydro-jet heel inserts, the shoe gives a level of comfort and stability that any person will like to have in a 'combat-like' situation. The shoe has an abrasion- resistant outer skin and the sole has 180-degree vertical heel reinforcement. Vans paintball shoes are popular because of wedge cut tow tooth for quicker start and better traction.

Features of Vans

To meet the requirements of the participants, these shoes are made with a high level of technical expertise:

  • Microinjection pull-tabs give the feet the comfort that every sportsman will crave.
  • The 180-degree vertical heel reinforcement allows stability and comfort while built in sock liner provides a defense against debris.
  • Rubber coated locking zippers allow the leg to slid in and out easily and wedge cut toe tooth allows for quick off the line start.
  • Waterproof liner and rust proof hardware keep the feet dry and increase the durability of the shoes even in murky condition.
  • Slip resistant carbon rubber out sole ensures against horrible accidents that may occur because of slippery underfoot condition.

A rugged landscape should not be an impediment to a smooth sprint. It is therefore extremely important to reduce the jarring effect that the heel bone generally suffers from. Vans paintball shoes with their air-cushioned heel shock absorber do just that by significantly reducing the stress on the Achilles tendon.

Vans Are Key To Winning A Paintball Showdown

A paintball game requires a lot more than just a bit of athleticism. It requires quick movement through difficult and harsh terrain. Jumping from one bunker to another is never easy especially if you are eliminated, if a paintball hits you. These paintball shoes give participants a mobility that is unmatched. The flexible sole bites on to the turf and allows faster turning and quicker reflexes.

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