WGP Autococker Trilogy SF Tactical Review

by Phil S.
(Greater Pittsburgh Area)

My WGP Autococker Trilogy SF Tactical Review: The autocockers are incredible guns. Being honest I do not believe I have broken a single ball. Granted I have had 1 or 2 shots where a ball did not fire properly, however I had no mess to clean up. My friends fear me in the woods because they say that they can barely hear my gun fire. So they have no clue where I am which helps a lot when you are trying to snipe. So the quiet of the gun would possibly be one of the best features. Also the lack of chopped balls is incredible.

Right out of the box with the stock barrel the gun was incredibly accurate. Much more accurate than my previous Spyder Imagine (an ok gun. recommended for beginners I suppose).

The worst part of the gun in my opinion would be the external moving parts. Though I have not had any problems yet, I fear I will bend an outside rod, or get dirt into tight places (that could result in a problem later down the road.)

I am not sure what the retail price of one is now a days, I would believe around $200. I GREATLY recommend this gun, or any autococker.

I also have an Empire Twister barrel and a loader. I also have a remote. This gun with this setup is an incredible gun to use when sniping in the woods.

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