What bunker are you going to?

by Warren
(South Africa)


Before the games starts make sure you know which bunkers your team plans to go to and they know which bunker you plan to go to


We play in a tourney and we had to use a new reserve as one of our guys have hurt himself :)

When they game was about to start i had told my wing man and team what bunkers i would try and use and hold down. I swear they took no notice of what i had just told them.

The buzzer sounds, me and my bud move to the right taking the bunkers we said we would, all going good.

I look over to the left side of the field and the other 2 fools and the newbie reserve had all ran to the exact same bunker barely large enough for one of them and they all looked so confused at what had just happened :o.

The enemy team light them up like the 4th of July :)

that's what you get for being stupid.

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