When your comrade is trying to flank

by Nick Terry
(Rome City, IN, USA)

My friend, Chris, and I were held up on a far corner of a woods, we were outnumbered and out-gunned (2 semi auto's vs. 4 automatics) I told Chris that I was going to flank them by following the deer trail that I knew came up behind the opposition as they advanced.

Well I got about half way to the trail and I heard Chris shout "Contact" and guns started firing. The entire time Chris kept looking over at where I went and the opposition caught on to what I was doing and ran back to the other end of the trail and basically cut me down as soon as I came out the other end.


Don't give away your team mates that are trying to flank by shouting or pointing or looking in their direction.

Not only do you get them killed, you also piss them off when they have three thousand paintballs shot at them at pointblank range.

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