Is The Best Woodsball Paintball Gun Is The Tippmann A5?

The best woodsball paintball gun I found is the tippmann a5, but not stock. You will need an aftermarket barrel. I have an adapter to fit, and aspyder threaded barrel, and I have a j&j ceramics 16 inch. Depending on where I'm playing I decide upon the barrel to use.

For a field that's not that big I go with my 4 inch adapter and 12 inch barrel. It's still 16 inches but when I get pinned down behind a tree or a bunker I can take the barrel off and use the adapter to get around whatever I'm behind a lot faster. On a field that's not so crowded I'll use my j&j Barrel.

woodsball paintball gun

I also have a folding stock it's a little hard to get used to at first but afterwards it makes your shots steadier.

Now for the internals, I have a Rufus dawg bolt and power tube, a zero kick hammer rear bolt, mad dog spring kit. I have a lightning rod and vortex mods in my cyclone feed which makes it so much smoother, and to put it all together I have the H.E. Egrip with the selector switch, I like it better than the old egrip only because I can change modes faster, and changing the battery is a lot easier.

What I like about the Tippmann A5, and why it's the best woodsball paintball gun is it does everything I need it to. The only down fall is weight. Fully loaded it weighs around 5lbs so I would recommend getting a remote hose kit.

It's not the only gun I have played with I've had a bob long millennium, tippmann 98 ( I have 5 of them), an autococker outkast, spyder mr1, rodeo, compact, victor, and an amg classic (which doesn't work it needs a few parts internally ) but the a5 is the better gun and not as expensive as some of the others so I give it 9.7 out of 10.

by Nick (Hartshorne, OK 74547).

Here's what Lucas H, also one our newsletter subscribers says about the best woodsball paintball guns and the A5:

I also put a post on this site about A5's. I have one also and i admit its a pretty good gun with all the upgrades that you have on it. But the catch is all the money you put in it (around $500+ it sounds like) you could have spent the money on a decent speedball gun such as a proto rail, invert mini or maybe somthing in the dangerous power series and got a better deal.

Sure it doesn't have the mil-sim look that you might want and you prbly couldnt snipe with it as well but if you are just running around on the woodsball course it would be a better deal.

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