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Woodsball paintball is fun for any level of paintball player. But woodsball can be even more fun if you know some of the little known woodsball tactics and tips that are used to get an edge.

As a woodsball shooter, you will always be looking to edge out your competition. Just a few modifications to your routine could change your whole game and increase your odds of obliterating your enemy. Of course, some of the following advice will seem like a no-brainer. But, maybe you will learn something new.

Woodsball Paintball BASICS

When moving through the woods, try to stay on uncluttered ground as much as possible. Where you step will have an impact on how loud you are as you move. This is crucial to success in woodsball paintball. Stay low, slow, and use precise and patient movements as you make your way through the terrain. Objects like leaves might not be the quietest thing to land on. Dirt or grass will be a better choice. Keep your body as low as needed to quickly get to your destination. Use the smartest routes too. Through the center of an open field or that tree line, what would be the better choice?

To move almost weightlessly and silently, do not walk in your normal heel to toe movement. As you walk, roll your foot. Step with outside and heel of your foot and roll your foot down until your sole is flat on the ground. Be sure to make your quick movements when you hear shots being fired. Your competitors will be paying attention to where the shots were heard instead of surveying the area. Another great time for quick or louder movements is when the wind is blowing. The noise of your movements will blend with the natural noise.


Woodsball Paintball ATTIRE

In woodsball, obviously you want to avoid any flashy or bright clothing. But, did you know that a flight suit is comfortable and just drab enough in color to blend into almost any environment? A ghillie suit may also prove to be quite helpful in masking your location, even if your enemy is right next to you. But, ghillie suits can be too warm in some climates. Both a flight suit and a ghillie suit can be found at your local army surplus store or in a myriad of online stores. This can be expensive for a woodsball paintball game, but you could also don one of the traditional varieties of camouflage. Remember that the key is not just what you are wearing, but where you hide, how you blend, and how you move.

For your feet, light weight running shoes are great for moving quietly and quickly. Stay away from white or you will become an easy target. If your terrain is muddy, very vegetative or overgrown, you may want to choose comfortable hiking boots. One warning, if you use army retail store boots, you will make a lot of noise.


If your match rules allow, bring binoculars or mount a scope on your gun. In the woods you can be thrown by a shadow and believe it is a person. Binoculars or a scope will allow you to get a closer look at potential hiding places of your competitors without being in danger.

Be mindful of your gun. If you mainly play woodsball paintball, do not use a flashy gun. The flashier the gun, the more you will stand out in nature. Also, be aware of your paintballs and your hopper. If your hopper is partially full paintball pods will sound like rattles when you are moving through the woods. If you buy pods, be sure they are only half or three-quarters the size of your hopper.

Aiming Woodsball Paintball Gun

Woodsball TACTICS

When it comes to woodsball tactics, the most important ways to move are to stay low, move slow and be very patient. Find your spot and wait. Most of your competitors will be so eager to shoot they will advance to find you. Just wait.

If you spot a competitor that has not spotted you, do not immediately open fire. Calm yourself, make sure you have a clear shot, and take it when you are ready. This can be difficult during a woodsball paintball match if you are tired, so keep some level of conditioning as you progress in your paintball endeavors.

If you are on your own, one strategy is to run to a good camping type spot as close to the beginning as possible. Your competitors will likely just start off walking. Stay totally quiet. Wait for the sound of shots being fired or the sound of someone stepping on sticks. You will then know the location of your competitors and be able to better plan your attack.

If you are playing in tall grass, watch for movements of the grass. Some woodsballers will belly crawl in tall grass. If the wind is not blowing, shoot the moving area.

Woodsball Paintball SQUAD TACTICS

The most basic, and most important, tactic in squads or groups is communication.

Have a strategy session to plan your movements with your team. Have both a proactive and reactive strategy that your team members understand. Remember that your leader should not be the person in the group with the best gun. Your team leader should have tactical experience, common military sense, and nerves.

Woodsball Paintball Tips, by Fyre (MA).

Here's a load of woodsball tactics for you:

I use the Tippmann Project Salvo paintball gun, and I have a j&j 20 inch barrel and a few internal upgrades. I play woodsball paintball every weekend. Here are some of the tricks I use.

Well first you should always stay moving and know were you would bunker down if you were ambushed and don't be afraid to charge people every now and then.

It works for me and always advance on your enemy and know were they are if you put your head down to take cover the enemy will move so you wont know were they are but to find them pop your head out some were other than were it went down.

Always expect that they know were you are, never retreat unless it is absolutely necessary surprise is an excellent tool but some times if you make noise and let them now were you are then get to a place were you can ambush that spot.

And never use the same plan over and over keep them guessing at your next move but don't be afraid to repeat what works just not constant or in a patter that they can catch on to and learn to beat you.

The last is your gear, the gun I use is the Tippmann Project Salvo. It is excellent great range accuracy and size for me but I don't use the stock because if your walking with it pointed down and you pull it up quick the stock will hit your shoulder so you'll miss your shots and get it, get a bandanna to wear under your mask it will stop it from fogging up because it will soak up your sweat not the glass get knee pads the help a lot and a long barrel is great recommend j&j 38 bucks best deal you don't have to spent a million bucks for a great reliable gun these guns wont die if you clean them when your done had mine for three years.

Woodsball Basics UK, by From Across the Pond (United Kingdom).

In a game of woodsball paintball don't follow the paths stay at the side this allows you to set up a ambush. If you do follow the paths pause and listen, if people are moving through the trees you can normally hear them before you see them.

Always check if anything will impediment your shot when you bunker down in vegetation, twigs, grass and leaves will easily send your shot off course or burst the paintball.

Before you move from cover plan your route ahead of you, asses where the opposition are and where the most amount of cover will be needed, crawl or crouch and run to limit your target area.

Be aware of where your teammates are positioned and if you can give each other cover. Being vigilant and conscious of the situation around you is one of the foundations of a excellent paintballer.

These are simple basics of woodsball but are so often forgotten!

How To Win At Woodsball Paintball! by Josh Blake (Bellevue, Iowa.)

Here's how to win at woodsball...

I'm a weekend woodsballer and me and my 3 friends face off against 5 other friends, two of the 3 teammates are military fanatics so if you are facing a team who don't care and think they can win by getting into a 50 50 gunfight, send a couple guys up front give them the gun fight.

But while you do this, send a larger squad up the side to flank them and leave 1 man or so to protect each of your flanks then close in on them and hammer them. If one or 2 guys escape then regroup send a scouting party and recon then send out a couple sharpshooters and your main force bring up the rear bout 200-400 ft behind them and just pick them off.

Success builds on team work I'm 14 but a long time woodsball paintball veteran who hopes of making in it on special ops team. Factors of winning at are...

  1. team work
  2. attitude
  3. assign positions that your teammates are best at
  4. strategy
  5. communication
  6. weaponry

Utilize all those woodsball paintball tactics and you might just hopefully join me on the spec ops team in the future.

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