Woodsball Sniper

by Sean Barry
(Jamison )

Sniper Gear

Sniper Gear

If you play woodsball, PAY ATTENTION. If your one of the last ones out on your team during a game, save munition. And, if you have a remote line, turn it off. Go find a nice deep spot somewhere in the bushes, NOT CASTLES OR BUNKERS, that's where they will be expecting you to be. go off just the edge if the course and lay down on your stomach.

Wait for other players to come by where you are looking for you and that's when you get them. Make sure you can get 1 shot 1 kill though, because otherwise you will BLOW your cover.

You can come up with whole new ways to play games with this tactic. it works amazing. I shot my brother dead in the mask hiding under grass DEAD in the middle of the mask with HIM LOOKING RIGHT AT ME.

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