Woodsball Tips

by Fyre

A load of woodsball tips for you:

I use the project salvo and I have a j&j 20 inch barrel and a few internal upgrades. I play woodsball every weekend. Here are some of the tricks I use.

Well first you should always stay moving and know were you would bunker down if you were ambushed and don't be afraid to charge people every now and then.

It works for me and always advance on your enemy and know were they are if you put your head down to take cover the enemy will move so you wont know were they are but to find them pop your head out some were other than were it went down.

Always expect that they know were you are, never retreat unless it is absolutely necessary surprise is an excellent tool but some times if you make noise and let them now were you are then get to a place were you can ambush that spot.

And never use the same plan over and over keep them guessing at your next move but don't be afraid to repeat what works just not constant or in a patter that they can catch on to and learn to beat you.

The last is your gear, the gun use is excellent great range accuracy and size for me but I don't use the stock because if your walking with it pointed down and you pull it up quick the stock will hit your shoulder so you'll miss your shots and get it, get a bandanna to wear under your mask it will stop it from fogging up because it will soak up your sweat not the glass get knee pads the help a lot and a long barrel is great recommend j&j 38 bucks best deal you don't have to spent a million bucks for a great reliable gun these guns wont die if you clean them when your done had mine for three years.

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Aug 26, 2015
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Apr 10, 2011
by: frye

i left out a sentence it should say i use the project salvo in the last paragraph

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