A Must Have X Box Paintball Game...

This x box paintball game is an Xbox® exclusive called Greg Hastings

Tournament Paintball. This Greg Hastings paintball game features and the single and multi-player gameplay modes are killer

You'll find that this xbox paintball game has realistic paintball gameplay. The game integrates more than 21 pro paintball players, actual tournament fields, and authentic paintball gear.

This Greg Hastings paintball game is an x box paintball game who's design was directly influenced by the top paintball pros.

You'll find that the action, energy, tactics, teamwork, angling, maneuvering and shot accuracy are very realistic. You'll play for hours!

Here are the other highlights of this Greg Hastings paintball game...

  • Xbox Live™ multiplayer enabled: Play with up to 14 players in seven-on-seven tournament play.
  • Three game types: Battle it out in Elimination, Capture the Flag, or Center Flag modes.
  • Expert competition: Choose from 21 actual pro characters.
  • 25 real-life paintball sponsors: Deck your paintballer with authentic gear.
  • Authentic locations: Battle in real-world paintball fields and tournament locations.
  • Huge variety of options: Choose from 19 different tournaments, 179 different field layouts, and 80 different teams.
x box paintball game

The greg hastings tournament paintball x box game is a must have for every level of paintball player. You're going to love this x box paintball game.

Let me put it this way...

This x box paintball game is for you if you are a fan of paintball and if you are a fan of video games. And the fact that this greg hastings paintball game is an Xbox paintball game, it's head and shoulders above all other paintball video games.

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