Z2 Loader Review!

by Sammy Rosenthal

z2 loader

z2 loader

The Z2 loader is the most technologically advanced loader, yet here is just a few of its mind boggling features.

1. Automatic anti jam. The z2 uses a combination of inferred, sound, and tension sensors to automatically un-jam by spinning the drive backwards!

Here is how it does it. The boards inferred sensor tells it that their is no paintball going into the marker however the sound sensor senses that you are still shooting so it registers as jam and the z2 un-jams it!

However if the tension sensor dose not fell any balls in the loader it will not spin thus saving battery life!

2. The z2 only weighs 1 pound 3 ounces ! 3. The z2 also has a feed rate of 35+ bps meaning this loader can even keep up with the worlds fastest marker the g4!

I told you about the features now lets talk about the cons one con that the z2 has is that though the dis-assembly is tool-less it takes about 25 minutes. to put back together compared to the rotor which is ten seconds and the pinokio five seconds that a pretty long time!

Next price with a msrp of $169.99 its almost at the point where its turning into one of those crazy expensive loaders (Cough, Cough, rotor :)

3. Its a little heavy on batteries, only three to five cases on four AA's :(.

In conclusion the Empire Prophecy z2 is my all time favorite loader with its slim profile, lightweight construction, and its fast feed rate will make it your favorite loader too! Some upgrades include a speed feed, ltd upgrade kit, rf chip and many more! now go get yourself a z2!

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